Thursday, 22 April 2010

Feedback from last year: the 'students'

I had some good feedback on the SYP Mentoring Scheme last year. More importantly for me, we had some valuable feedback on how to improve it for this year, and I will be using some of their ideas / recommendations.

Here are a selection of comments I received from those who were mentored:

'I received the encouragement that I was doing everything I possibly could: applying for any role to get a foot in the door; making contact and arranging personal meetings with those who already worked in the industry... '

'It was a major boost to my search to hear the first-hand account of someone who had experienced the same struggle and who also had a vested interest in my success.'

'My mentor was good at giving me feedback on decisions I made about whether to stay in my department, redundancies, and how long to stay in one job for, which proved very useful in mapping out some sort of career game plan, which was a quite important goal for me this year.'

'It was definitely great to talk to somebody doing a job I would like to aim for in a few years.'

'It has particularly helped me with the cover designs of my books.'

'Meeting some of the other staff at Bloomsbury helped me out of tricky situations! Their advice was great. I joined the scheme at a time when I knew relatively little about the Publishing Industry. It was nice to know I had a mentor I could ‘touch base’ with and bounce questions off whenever I needed.'

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