Monday, 24 May 2010

What are the benefits of being a SYP 'student'?

As for the mentors, there are several potential benefits of participating in the SYP scheme as a 'student':

Creativity and problem solving: by bouncing ideas off mentors and receiving the benefit of the mentor’s experience.

Increased competence: by tailoring development to the student’s individual needs mentoring helps them acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that are directly relevant to their job and will improve job performance.
Increased motivation and satisfaction: through the personal, relevant nature of the development.
Career development: by helping the student to set longer-term, realistic goals.
Improved employability: by enhancing their competence and inspiring them to take responsibility for their own development and career.
Moral support: through the mentor listening and acting as a confidential sounding board.
Increased networking opportunities and industry awareness: through the mentor giving or suggesting access to a wider network in other parts of the industry.
Time-effectiveness: by addressing the student’s needs on a one-to-one, individual basis.

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