Thursday, 13 May 2010

What are the benefits of being a SYP mentor?

There are several key benefits of being a SYP mentor:

Increased job satisfaction and motivation: from the satisfaction of knowing they have contributed greatly to another’s growth and development.
Feeling valued: by being able to share their knowledge and experience.
Personal development: by developing skills which are critical for effective leadership, and learning from the new insights, ideas and feedback provided by students.
Increased insider knowledge: especially about the industry (through meeting with a student from another company or business function).
Experimentation with new behaviours: through being able to try out new behaviours that it may be more difficult to do with direct reports.

Credit: by receiving recognition from their own employer that this is a critical and worthwhile role, which could improve promotional prospects.
Industry recognition: the SYP has over 500 members, many of whom are employees of publishing houses or intending to work within the UK publishing industry. It may be a good way of promoting your company.

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